On‑Demand Edition: Getting Started After Purchasing a Ticket

After purchasing a ticket, the first time you sign in to the VIEW Conference On‑Demand Edition site, you must set a password for your account by following these steps:

Step 1: On the portal home page,  click Sign In

The portal home page is https://media.viewconference.it/view2023

Step 2: On the sign in form, click Forgot password?

Step 3: Enter the email you used to buy your ticket, and click Continue

Step 4: Go check your email

Step 5: Click the password reset link in the email from "VIEW Conference On-Demand"

If you don't see it after 30 seconds or so, first make sure you are using the email account you used to purchase your ticket on Eventbrite. If you used the wrong email, click Resend email and enter the correct email. If the email is correct, then check your spam folder.

Step 6: In the Change Your Password form, enter a new password twice and click Reset password

Step 7: In the Password Changed form, click Back to VIEW 2023 On-Demand

Step 8: On the On-Demand portal page, click Sign in

Use the email you entered in step 3 as your email address along with your newly assigned password to sign in.